MG Reeds

The Worlds Finest Reeds For The Great Highland

Specialist Maker of Bagpipe Drone Reeds, Pipe Chanter Reeds and Smallpipe Reeds

MG Reeds
MG Carbon Drone Reeds: moisture resistant, resonant, efficient and stable.


This premium set of drone reeds have a full set of carbon fibre tongues, giving an instantly steady reed. The tenor drone reeds in this set do not give the harsh buzzy sound normally associated with carbon fibre reeds, they have been designed to give a full rich tone yet retain a smooth and mellow sound.

Precision engineered from moisture resistant materials.

MG Carbons: Resonant, steady, stable and rich.

MG Small Pipe Reed

 *New* MG small pipe reeds. Available for small pipe chanters in the key of A, C, and D. These reeds have a very crisp, bright and clear tone. Hand crafted from the finest selected cane grown in the Var region of France. For bellow driven or mouth blown small pipes.

MG Pipe Chanter Reed


Our bagpipe chanter reeds are available in two cuts, ridge or moulded. Our reeds have successfully lifted prizes in pipe band and solo competitions, including the Gold medal and World Championships. They have proven to be balanced, reliable and stable. Crafted from the finest sources of cane MG chanter reeds are easily manipulated too suit your own set up. Comprehensive reed manipulation pages are available from the drop down menus above.

MG Standard Drone Reeds


Our synthetic drone reeds have been designed to give the best possible combination of harmonics from the bass and tenor drones, utilising man made materials to ensure richness of tone, stability of sound, reliability and repeatability.

MG Cane Drone Reeds


Cane is easy... give it a try. MG cane drone reeds hand crafted from the finest sources of cane.