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Setting Up And Optimising Your Drones

To achieve the desired tuning position of the drones it will now be necessary to raise or lower the pitch of the reeds. Providing you are playing at what is considered to be today's pitch, anywhere ranging from 450Hz to 458Hz, then this can be achieved by the following.

When we first introduced the reeds to the drones we set them so that they were approximately half way into the reed seat. If we wish to lengthen the tuning pin of the drone to make the top sit up a little higher we can now seat the reed further into the Drone, so sharpening the pitch. Conversely if we wish to lower the pitch slightly we can add a little hemp and seat the reeds a little further out.

Drone Reed Adjustment
Bagpipe Drone Reed Seat

Now that we have the drone reed seated where we want we can now make further pitch adjustments by turning the alloy nose cone of the reed. The same rules apply, turn the nose cone inwards (clockwise), so shortening the reed length, raising the pitch, and making the drone top tune a little higher on the pin. Conversely, turn the nose cone outwards (anti-clockwise) to lengthen the reed, lower the pitch and make the drone top tune a little lower on the pin.


Drone Reed Pitch Adjustment
Bagpipe Drone Reed Pitch Adjustment

Further pitch alterations, if desired, are achievable by interchanging the alloy nose cones. Hollow nose cones will lower the pitch and solid nose cones will increase the pitch.

MG Synthetic Instructions
Synthetic Drone Reed Instructions
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Cane Instructions Page 1
Cane Drone Reed Set Up
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Cane Instructions Page 2
Cane Drone Reed Guide
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