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MG Reeds
MG Carbon Drone Reeds: moisture resistant, resonant, efficient and stable.


We take an enormous pride in creating our bagpipe reeds and hope that you'll find our website beneficial. We aim to be the best maker of reeds and provider of services to the piping community world wide. We strive to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Please explore our bagpipe reed help pages on the left. Here you will find detailed guides to setting up your bagpipe and fine tuning your reeds in order to obtain the very best from your musical instrument. There are comprehensive guides on maintenance, hemping and seasoning provided for your information. Please feel free to share these pages.

Based in Kilmarnock, Scotland, within the McCallum Bagpipe factory we are in a unique position to provide our customers with the very best reeds, bagpipes and accessories available today. All the McCallum Bagpipes we supply are hand selected by us to ensure that you are receiving the very best of the best. All the bagpipe reeds manufactured by us are individually tested to ensure stability of tone and quality of craftsmanship.